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Abdominoplasty Treatment

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, can help you increase the firmness and flatness of your abdominal region. This procedure is ideal for you if you have lost a substantial amount of weight, have been pregnant or if you struggle with excess fat and skin, no matter how much you exercise to tone your abs.

During the surgery, Dr. Zubowski will make a horizontal incision in the lower portion of the abdomen. Then, he’ll tighten the underlying muscles, remove any excess fat and skin, and pull the skin taught, using sutures to close the incision. To aid with the healing process, Dr. Zubowski will carefully dress you in a pressure garment, which must be worn for about three weeks following the procedure.

Sometimes only the lower abdomen needs tightening; in such cases, Dr. Zubowski may opt to perform a partial tummy tuck. You may also opt for concurrent liposuction of the midsection, hips, or thighs to create an all-over slimming effect. During your consultation, Dr. Zubowski will discuss your options, answer questions, and help you find the procedure that’s right for you.

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